Solar 60mm lens

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What projection size?

To learn about projected image sizes with different types of lens please see our projection size and brightness guide.


Not suitable for Aura

This item is NOT compatible with the OPTI Aura projector.

Provides a wider angle projection from your Solar series projector. Useful for projecting across a wall or screen at closer proximity.

Example approximate projection sizes for given projection distances with this lens:
@ 1m distance, image diameter ~ 0.7m
@ 2m distance, image diameter ~ 1.3m
@ 3m distance, image diameter ~ 2m
@ 4m distance, image diameter ~ 2.7m
@ 6m distance, image diameter ~ 4m
@ 8m distance, image diameter ~ 5.3m
@ 10m distance, image diameter ~ 6.7m
@ 12m distance, image diameter ~ 8m

Suitable for use with the OPTI Solar 100 or Solar 250 projectors including LED versions.

Please note: the "lens extension tube" (shown in the photos) is no longer included with the lens. This is now supplied with Prism accessories which attach to the lens, rather than the lens itself.

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