Blank 6" Effect Wheel

6" Special Wheels
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Bossed or magnetic?

Effect wheels have either a bossed or magnetic fitting - please be sure to choose the right type. You may need the Magnetic Wheel Rotator Adaptor to fit a magnetic wheel. Click here for more information.

Create your own designs and place them inside this blank/clear effect wheel!

This item consists of a clear plastic wheel with either a regular 'bossed' (push-fit) mounting or the new style 'magnetic' mounting, a clear plastic disc and a rubber ring for holding them together.

Simply place your artwork between the clear plastic discs and fit the rubber ring around the outside. You can also try writing or painting directly onto the plastic with suitable permanent paints/inks.

This item is not suitable for making Liquid/Oil wheels.

A 6" Wheel Rotator is required to use this on an OPTI Solar Projector . For a Solar projector you’ll need a Solar Wheel Rotator or the Solar Dual Wheel Rotator if you want the flexibility of using both 6" Wheels or 9" MAX Wheels. The Aura projector has a magnetic wheel rotator built-in.

Please note that the magnetic version requires a magnetic wheel adapter fitted to your Wheel Rotator.

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