Solar 250 LED spare parts

Spare Parts
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SP91.0009stand (white)In stock £9.88Buy
SP0025stand knurled hand knobIn stock £1.85Buy
SP0041stand large rubber washerIn stock £0.10Buy
SP0026gate mouldingto order £8.00Buy
SP27.0019focussing lens clipIn stock £1.28Buy
SPLENSTUBElens extension tubeIn stock £10.00Buy

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Parts for the FG2070 Solar 250 LED projector.

The focussing lens clip is the small sprung metal clip which attaches to the flanged tube which holds the focussing lens by means of a self-tapping screw (this clip is often snapped when inserting a lens after being bent upwards). The screw is not supplied with the clip.

Note: Stands for the original (halogen) Solar 250 projector are no longer available, however the stand for the Solar 250 LED is very similar and can be fitted used with the original Solar 250.

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