Liquid+Effect Wheel spares parts...

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Spare Parts
Part # Type AvailabilityPrice 
SP05036" Glass/Liquid Wheel aluminium bushUnavailable £2.94
SP04926" Plastic Wheel rubber ringUnavailable £1.65
SP04996" Wheel packaging - cardboard sleeveUnavailable £1.65
SP04986" Wheel packaging - polystyrene fittings (pair)Unavailable £2.30
SP04916" Plastic Wheel front discUnavailable £3.35
SP04946" Plastic Wheel rear disc (with press fit bush)Unavailable £3.25
SP04956" glass (min order quantity: 10*)Unavailable £1.50
SP51266" glass toughened (min order quantity: 10*)Unavailable £4.00

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Spare parts for 6" effect wheels.

The plastic wheel rear disc has a push-fit bush for fitting to a Wheel Rotator. No screw is required.

The rubber ring is as fitted to Liquid Wheels and plastic image wheels.

The aluminium bush is the mounting piece in the middle of Liquid Wheels, Distortion Wheels and '575 Safe' glass image wheels.

IMPORTANT: Our minimum supply quantity for 6" glass is 10 pieces of each type. Sorry - orders for quantities less than 10 of SP0495 or SP5126 will not be accepted.

We cannot provide advice or support in making your own effect wheels. Spares are supplied for use by experienced customers who know what they're doing. We do not supply fluid/oil for Liquid wheels nor do we sell sealant and we cannot advise on what materials to use. Thank you for your understanding. We recommend customers do not attempt to make their own wheels if they have no experience of it - it's not easy!

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