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SP0014concave mirrorIn stock £10.05Buy
SP27.0019focussing lens clipIn stock £1.28Buy
SP0011primary lensIn stock £16.52Buy
SP0012secondary lensIn stock £13.29Buy
SP0026gate mouldingto order £8.00Buy
SP0025stand hand knobIn stock £1.85Buy
SP0041stand large rubber washerto order £0.20Buy
SP0141x5fuse 2A (5 off)to order £2.25Buy
SP20.0059x5fuse 4A (5 off)to order £2.25Buy

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Here we offer a selection of parts for the Solar 250 and Solar 250 LED projectors.

IMPORTANT: The original halogen Solar 250 is now end-of-line. Some spares are still available but not all and many will become obsolete when supplies are exhausted. The original Solar 250 has been replaced by the Solar 250 LED which differs in design. Please do not assume the same parts can be used on each.

Solar 250 and Solar 250 LED stand parts
The halogen Solar 250 stand (27.0015.W) is no longer available. The stand for the Solar 250 LED is compatible and available, it's just a little taller. Two handknobs and two rubber washers are required for each stand on either projector. The handknob is also suitable for the yoke (aka stand or hanging backet) on the K series projectors.

Solar 250 Hatch Cover
Sorry, no stock remains of the Hatch Cover and Heat Shield.

Solar 250/K1 internal lenses (not LED model)
The INTERNAL lenses and concave mirror used in the Solar 250 and K1 projectors. The lens at the back nearest the lamp is the PRIMARY lens, the lens at the front of the projector, closest to the gate is the SECONDARY lens and the glass disc in the middle is the HEAT FILTER. Sorry, the HEAT FILTER is discontinued and no stock remains.

A halogen Solar 250 projector must NOT be used without the heat shield glass in place. Without it the lens, effect and other accessories may melt or catch fire. Due to the high cost, some customers choose not to replace a lost or broken heat shield - please don't make this mistake!

Solar 250 (halogen) lamp base/holder
Sorry - these are now sold out! No more stock available.

Solar 250 and Solar 250 LED gate molding (pre-Active Gate)
Replacement plastic gate molding for the Solar 250 and Solar 250 L ED projector. Unsuitable for the very early Solars which had a metal gate.

Solar 250 fuses
A 2A mains fuse should be used for 220-240V operation (e.g. UK). A 4A mains fuse should be used for 110-120V operation (e.g. USA/Canada). The 12V accessory outlet fuse is rated at 4A. We sell each of these in quantities of 5 (see below).

Focussing lens parts (front adjustable lens, not internal lenses)
The focussing lens clip is the small sprung metal clip which attaches to the flanged tube which holds the focussing lens by means of a self-tapping screw (this clip is often snapped when inserting a lens after being bent upwards). The screw is not supplied with the clip.

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