Solar GS Mirror Mounting Bracket

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Not suitable for Aura

This item is NOT compatible with the OPTI Aura projector.

This bracket allows the range of GoBoShow Mirrors to be fitted to a Solar 100C or Solar 250 projector. The bracket is attached to the front of the projector and the mirror grips onto the tube on the front of the bracket.

A power cable plugs into a spare 12V outlet on the side of the projector and allows powered mirrors to be used. The power cable of the mirror simply plugs into an outlet on the mounting bracket.

The following mirrors can be fitted to a Solar projector using this bracket:
  • GS6318 Multi-Mirror

  • GS6316 Circular Motion Mirror

  • GS6317 Linear Motion Mirror

  • GS6315 Barrell Mirror

  • GS6310 Deflection Mirror (note: the FG6310 Solar Deflector Mirror doesn't require the bracket)

  • This bracket is included in the box of the current FG6318 Multi Mirror (supplied January 2011 onwards).

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