6" Abstract Wheel: Snow (3 types)

6" Abstract Wheels
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FG8112Light (bossed)to order£36.00 £32.50Buy
FG8113Medium (bossed)to order£36.00 £32.50Buy
FG8114Heavy (bossed)In stock£36.00 £32.50Buy
FGM8112Light (magnetic)to order£36.00 £32.50Buy
FGM8113Medium (magnetic)to order£36.00 £32.50Buy
FGM8114Heavy (magnetic)to order£36.00 £32.50Buy

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Bossed or magnetic?

Effect wheels have either a bossed or magnetic fitting - please be sure to choose the right type. You may need the Magnetic Wheel Rotator Adaptor to fit a magnetic wheel. Click here for more information.

The most realistic snow effect projection available!!! Note how the snow flakes fall with a convincing random aspect to their movement, unlike competing products.

The latest effects from OPTI! The 6" Abstract Effect Wheels are used with either a 4-Facet Clip-on Prism or the new OPTI Multi Mirror attached to the front of the projector. The effect created with the Prism and Multi Mirror accessories differs slightly - see the video previews. The Multi Mirror is recommended for these snow effect wheels.

3 type of Snow wheel are available: Light, Medium and Heavy. Refer to the video previews to see how they differ and choose according to the effect you require, be it a light dusting or a heavy snow storm!

A 6" Wheel Rotator is required to use a 6" Effect Wheel on an OPTI Projector . For a Solar projector (e.g. Solar 250 or Solar/Sensory LED) you’ll need a Solar Wheel Rotator or the Solar Dual Wheel Rotator if you want the flexibility of using both 6" Wheels or 9" MAX Wheels.

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