Liquid Wheel H (Sahara Sun)

6" Liquid Wheels
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Bossed or magnetic?

Effect wheels have either a bossed or magnetic fitting - please be sure to choose the right type. You may need the Magnetic Wheel Rotator Adaptor to fit a magnetic wheel. Click here for more information.

Handle with care!

Liquid wheels are VERY fragile. Please handle, fit and store them with great care. Don't let children handle these glass items.

Note: the current 'H' liquid wheel has a lighter orange colour than that shown - we are yet to update our photos/videos to reflect this.

The original psychedelic lighting effect! Liquid or oil wheels still prove to be one of the most popular. Various different colour schemes are available.

OPTI Liquid wheels comprise three layers of glass sealed around the edge with different immiscible coloured oils in two separate layers. As the wheel rotates, the oils move around to provide a constantly changing colourful display.

For use with all OPTI projectors. Also suitable for Source Magma and Martin Mania DC-3 and many other effect projectors which accept a 6" wheel. Requires suitable rotator (see our Rotators section). The 1/2 RPM rotator speed is recommended for these wheels.

Please note: Liquid wheels are made by hand and no two are the same. The colours, fill, behaviour and appearance of each wheel can vary. Small artefacts can also appear in the oil occasionally – this is to be expected. Please handle with care – the glass is very fragile!

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